Nisim Shampoo Hair Loss Solution – Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Nisim shampoo has built up quite a track record since it came on the market back in 1993. Nisim International, the makers of Nisim shampoo, started out as a research and development enterprise in the mid-1970’s. After years of rigorous testing and research they released the NewHair Biofactors system to combat hair loss and stimulate new hair growth.

Nisim shampoo, part of the NewHair Biofactors system, can be used as a stand-alone-product and results show it can stop hair loss within seven days.

How should Nisim shampoo be used to combat hair loss?

Nisim shampoo should be used daily. Follow these steps:

  • Wet your hair.
  • Apply a dab of shampoo to the hair and massage with your fingertips into the scalp for at least one minute.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly.
  • Apply a dab of shampoo to the hair a second time and again massage into the scalp using the fingertips for at least one minutes.
  • Use plenty of water and rinse thoroughly.

How does Nisim shampoo stop hair loss?

Nisim shampoo is a deep cleansing shampoo which gets rid of the daily grime which can accumulate on the scalp, especially for city dwellers. This is often a combination of dirt, perspiration on the scalp, and excess sebum, the natural oil produced by the body to protect the hair.

However, a major culprit causing hair loss in both men and women is Dihydrotestosterone, often referred to as DHT. DHT is the result of a reaction between an enzyme in the skin and scalp and testosterone, the male hormone.

Nisim shampoo neutralizes surface DHT!

Are there any side effects?

Emphatically NO! Nisim shampoo is made from organic ingredients. This herbal preparation has passed stringent health and safety tests.

Nisim shampoo can also be safely used on hair that has been chemically treated with perm solutions and coloring. Just be sure to follow the instructions on the hair treatment product.

Is Nisim shampoo effective with hair loss due to chemotherapy, childbirth, and menopause?

Yes in all instances.

In the case of chemotherapy, the complete NewHair Biofactors system which includes the Nisim shampoo, plus a growth stimulating extract, helped patients recover from hair loss more quickly.

In the case of women suffering hair loss due to menopause or after childbirth, Nisim shampoo is able to bring excessive hair loss under control.

There are so many scams associated with the hair loss industry, how can I be sure Nisim shampoo isn’t one of them?

Nisim shampoo has now been on the market for nearly fifteen years. It had a very positive write up in the Medical Post of 1993 in which an article set out the clinical test results. The statistics are quite impressive.

Additionally, Nisim International offers a no questions asked money back guarantee on all their products, including Nisim shampoo. They are very conscientious in honoring this guarantee and even run a public forum on their web site on which users can post any question they like for a straightforward answer from the administrator.

In conclusion: Hair loss can be a cause of anxiety for both men and women given the impact it can have on a person’s appearance and feelings of self-consciousness. Nisim shampoo can relieve such anxiety by providing a quick antidote within a few days. With a success rate of over 85% and with a money back guarantee, the consumer can at least try it without undue financial risk.

Source by Mike Jones

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