The Playboy Bunny Costume – A Long History

The costume worn by a Playboy Bunny is one of the most recognized adult costumes in the world. Ever since it was introduced back in the 60’s, it has been among the most popular Halloween costume choices for women. The outfit has come to be a symbol of the most beautiful women the world over, and it all started with a man who made the Bunny a household name: Hugh Hefner.

In 1953, Hefner published the first issue of his magazine, Playboy. On the cover was Hollywood superstar and classic blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe. With a combination of interesting and readable articles, humor, and of course photographs of beautiful women in the nude, Playboy magazine was aimed at the male audience. It quickly became a success, and Hugh Hefner gained power and prestige in the arena of erotic entertainment.

The first of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy clubs opened in Chicago, IL in 1960. Waitresses who worked in the club were given a uniform to wear designed based on the Playboy logo – a bunny in formal wear. Dressed up as sexy bunnies in their revealing uniforms, the female staff of the Playboy clubs came to be known as Playboy Bunnies. With the expansion of the Playboy Clubs on a national and then international level, the Playboy Bunny was soon a recognizable symbol of Hefner’s empire. Of the many women who worked as Playboy Bunnies, some went on to be featured in the magazine as well.

A satin merry widow is the basis of the Playboy Bunny costume. With a bunny tail, tuxedo wrist cuffs and a bow tie collar and of course the bunny ears, the costume is complete. The tuxedo look is made more feminine with black stockings and high heels, taking some of the look of the Playboy mascot and making it a lot sexier.

The Playboy Club in Las Vegas is the only remaining place where you can have your drinks served to you by a real Playboy Bunny. But you can find a Playboy Bunny costume relatively easily if you want to bring the look home, and it is a very popular costume for women come Halloween. The sexy look and seductive image of the Playboy Bunny costume makes it a perfect choice whether you just want something to wear at home for that special someone, or to wear out at Halloween.

It is unlikely that the Playboy Bunny costume will ever go out of style for women at Halloween. It comes in multiple color options, although the most popular are usually black or pink. No matter what color combination you choose to wear, this is a costume that will always make you feel sexy and attractive when you head out for your Halloween celebration.

Source by San Kim Nguyen

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