What is the Average Male Penis Size? Length & Girth Sizes Revealed

Among all the hype on the internet about promising to make your penis bigger there is one big thing that’s been forgotten: What is the actual average size of a penis? Sure, if you feel you’re far too small then having a bigger penis would be great. Your confidence will shoot through the roof and your sex life will improve. But what if you don’t know how you measure up in comparison to other men. In this article I’m going to break down penis size so you can see exactly where you fit in…

There have been many studies into penis size – some trustworthy, some less so. I have dissected the most reputable reports to find out the facts for you, all here in one article. Not only am I going to give you the size averages but we’re also going to look at the percentage of men who are a certain size. You’ll find where you fit in and how many men are similar to you. This way you can decide if male enhancement is really for you.

Average Penis Length

The average length of a male penis has been found to be between 5.1 – 5.9 inches when looking at the Kinsey Report findings, and those of Durex and LifeStyles studies. A 1996 Journal of Urology study found that the average erect length was 5.08 inches. A 2000 International Journal of Impotence Research found that the average for a Caucasian male was 5.35 inches.

Length measurements are documented a lot more than girth, despite it not being considered nearly as important for sexual satisfaction! This is somewhat surprising considering the scientific nature of the sources used, but it represents man’s obsession with how big a penis looks rather than how good it feels during sexual intercourse.

Penis Length Percentage Breakdown

This shows the percentage of men who fall into different size brackets.

Below 4 inches: 0.5%

4.01 – 4.50 inches: 2.5%

4.51 – 5.00 inches: 4%

5.01 – 5.50 inches: 16%

5.51 – 6.00 inches: 33%

6.01 – 6.50 inches: 24%

6.01 – 7.00 inches: 16%

7.01 – 7.50 inches: 4%

To measure your penis length take measuring tape and stand with a fully erect penis. Ensure that the penis is perfectly horizontal to the floor and measure from the base to the tip. When you have your measurement you can compare with the results above.

Average Penis Girth

Penis girth hasn’t been measured as much as length. In doing research for this article I found that girth has been overlooked despite it being more significant to the pleasure of females during coitus.

Studies have found that penis girth is almost always less than the length of a man. It is very strange for men to have a circumference (girth) bigger than their length. Less than 1% of the population can attest to this oddity!

The average girth – according to the Kinsey Report, the LifeStyle study and the 1996 report in the Journal of Urology – is between 4.5 and 5.5 inches. The breakdown below shows that 75% of men fall between within that average.

Penis Girth Percentage Breakdown

Below 3 inches: 3%

3.01 – 3.50 inches: 2%

3.51 – 4.00 inches: 8%

4.01 – 4.50 inches: 24%

4.51 – 5.00 inches: 35%

5.01 – 5.50 inches: 21%

5.51 – 6.00 inches: 6%

Over 6 inches: 0.5%

To measure your penis girth measure around the thickest point of your penis when you’re fully erect.

Before you decide that you definitely want penis enlargement take a look at all of the results above. If you feel that you still aren’t big enough then I recommend a natural male enhancement method. I personally used one to see big gains very quickly. If you realize that your penis is fine then smile and stop worrying!

Source by Peter M. Cavell

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