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Executive Protection – Agent Wardrobe Management

Proper business attire is extremely important for EPS (executive protection specialist) as it conveys professionalism and competence. If you dress inappropriately for international CXP (corporate executive protection) details, you could find yourself off the team in a hurry. As an EPS in high-level international corporate culture, you may not know about very strict business attire codes. The majority of international corporations have 20-page dress code policy manuals, which somehow never find their way into the hands of the EPS. Always dress like a solid professional agent on all international CXP details.


Male EPS should bring two suits with white button-down shirts on assignments. Dark suit colors such as navy blue, black or dark gray are best for international CXP details. The tie should match the suit and not be flashy. The point of your tie should lay over your belt buckle. The best shoes for EP are Ecco’s with over-the-calf socks in navy, black or brown colors.


Female EPS should bring two suits on assignments. Black, navy blue and dark gray are the best colors. Well-fitted business pantsuits are preferable, opposed to skirt suits for international CXP details. We have found most elite-level female EPS rely on pantsuits. The best shoes for EP are closed-toe shoes, no high heels. Just like male EPS, female EPS should use their wardrobe management to project a professional, competent image while on international CXP assignments.


Male and female EPS should use sunglasses for changing light conditions only, not to look “cool” or intimidating. Military “eye-wear systems” and “terminator style” sunglasses are not appropriate for international CXP details. When in doubt, don’t wear sunglasses unless your principal is wearing a pair. You do not want to project an unprofessional appearance or look threatening.


Male and female EPS should bring only one lightweight, wheeled, carry-on style suitcase. If you are actively providing executive protection at multi-locations and traveling commercial, you’ll not have time to wait for your suitcase at the airport baggage carousel. Even if you are traveling by corporate jet, one suitcase is all you should have. Only pack essential items. Both male and female EPS always end up taking far more with them than they actually need on international CXP details. Move fast, travel light and get the job done professionally. Don’t over pack. Dress smart and be professional, good luck and God speed.

Source by Doc Rogers

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